Learn our Advanced Content Planning process from beginning to end that keeps you on task, on time, and creating more videos in one shoot!


Learn every step we take to set up our GoPro for optimal performance whether you're filming in your studio or on-the-go VLOGGING

Stream Anywhere

Take us with you and your GoPro and create your best video VLOG.

Start To Finish

Step by step, GoPro tutorials from start to finish and shooting your videos.

Top Gear

Watch side by side comparisons to help you determine what gear is best for you.


GoPro Settings

Learn your "set it and forget it" GoPro settings. Set it up one time and just press record for future content. You'll also do a deep dive into stuff only the Cinematographers know!

Gear & More

GoPros are great by themselves but there's going to be some other gear you will need in order to maximize all of it's capabilities.

Best Style For Property Videos

Everyone wants to shoot videos inside of their listings or showings. We're going to show you exactly how to do it.



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  • GoPro Deep Dive

  • Set it & Forget it settings tutorials

  • hooting videos with your GoPro

  • Lifetime Access to ALL content

  • Billed one time ONLY

  • Stream all anywhere

  • Access Future Videos

Included In PREMIUM


w/PREMIUM Membership

  • Life Access to 200+ videos

  • 40+ Hours of Content

  • Stream all 200+ Videos

  • Access to FUTURE Videos

  • Gear/Software Lists

  • Top Videos to Shoot

  • Copy & Paste Template

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Channel Junkies University PREMIUM for?

Channel Junkies University Premium is geared more towards beginners and intermediates but even benefits weathered pros who are struggling to land clients or expand their skillsets into video marketing. Tips and Tricks from Youtube videos will only get you so far.  Let us guide you with everything you need to succeed.  We’ve seen students enter with years of experience and develop skills and knowledge that drastically improved their skillset and/or their businesses.

How long do I have access to the workshop(s)?

For the "upfront" lifetime payment option, you have lifetime access to all current and future content for your given workshop(s). If you "subscribe" to our annual PREMIUM membership, you have 12 month access the content until your next payment is due or may choose NOT to renew past 12 months.

How do I access this workshop if I've already purchased?

If you purchased this course, please log in and go to your "my workshops" section.  You should see all of your purchased courses in this section. If you do not see your course here, please contact us at and we can assist you further.